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Victory Food Service Log

Our History

Victory Foodservice was founded by the Tyras family in 1985. Prior to founding Victory, brothers Michael (Mihail) and Gus (Konstantinos) were both employed selling groceries throughout the greater metropolitan New York market.

The company began with a singular focus on produce and grocery distribution. By working as salesmen and route drivers, the Tyras brothers developed a first-hand knowledge of the needs of foodservice operators.

Victory History
Victory History

This experience, along with a commitment to putting customers first, helped Victory steadily grow a reliable customer base and robust product catalog. In 1995, Victory transitioned into a full-line food service distributor, and two years later, the company moved to its current headquarters facility.

Victory’s continuous growth over the past 35 years has been built on the ethics of hard work, honesty, and integrity with customers.

Holiday Schedule 2023

General Schedule:

Monday’s orders will be delivered on Tuesday.
Tuesday’s orders will be delivered on Wednesday.
By Thursday, the delivery service is expected to catch up.

Specific Schedule by Area:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Yonkers
  • New Jersey

Wednesday & Thursday:

  • LONG ISLAND (Past Queens Area)


  • UPSTATE NY (Past Yonkers)
  • UPSTATE STOPS: Poughkeepsie, Roscoe, Liberty, Newburgh, Middletown

Wednesday & Friday:


Important Note:

If an order is placed for a day when it should not be shipped, it will be rescheduled accordingly.

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