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Important Legislation for NYC Restaurants You Need to Know About

Victory November News Article

Victory Foodservice was featured in the recent Total Food Service monthly article for November! The article covered our historic food show last month. Read the full article here on pages 28 & 30:


Over the last few months, Mayor Adams has codified some new legislation for NYC restaurants and businesses. From limiting utensils for deliveries, outdoor dining, to secure lids for containers, read all about each law below.

Why utensils, condiments and napkins will no longer be included in NYC delivery orders by Tom Shea

A new law in New York City mandates that restaurants will no longer automatically provide utensils, ketchup packets, or napkins with takeout and delivery orders. Customers must now specifically request these items, as part of Mayor Eric Adams’ “Skip the Stuff” legislation aimed at reducing plastic waste in the city. Delivery apps are required to set the default to exclude these items, with non-compliant restaurants facing potential fines of up to $250 per offense after a year-long warning phase, as inspectors monitor annual compliance visits.

Read the full article here:

NYC mayor signs permanent outdoor dining program into law by Julie Litmann

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed Intro. 31-C into law on Wednesday, creating a permanent outdoor dining program called “Dining Out NYC,” the city announced in a press release. 
  • The program will allow restaurants to have sidewalk setups year-round and roadway setups from April through November. 
  • Dining Out NYC will not allow fully enclosed spaces, addressing previous concerns about sanitation and quality of life issues related to outdoor dining structures.

Read the full article here: 


Bins not bags: New trash rule takes effect for NYC restaurants, grocery stores & more by Zinnia Maldonado

New York City’s new trash law, aimed at addressing the rat problem, requires food businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, delis, bodegas, and caterers to use secure-lidded containers for waste, excluding recyclables. Bins must be placed on the curb one hour before closing or by 8 p.m., arranged neatly to ensure a clear path on sidewalks. Some businesses express concerns about the costs of compliance, with fines ranging from $50 to $200 for violations. Despite skepticism, the city reports a 20% decrease in rat-related complaints this summer, and a one-month grace period with virtual information sessions for businesses precedes the enforcement of fines.

Read the full article here:


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