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Victory Food Service Log

Vendor Partners

Dart Container Corp.

Discover takeout containers tailored to your menu, maintaining food freshness during transit with products from Dart Container Corporation. Crafted with 95% air, contributing minimal landfill waste. Elevate customer loyalty through protective dual-temperature cups. Fortify your brand identity with top-notch graphics and custom prints. Operating across 35 locations in 4 countries, boasting 13,000 personnel, $3 billion in annual sales, and an extensive range of 3,000 products.

Elara Foodservice

Elara Foodservice offers purposeful protection through gloves, bags, and apparel for customer and employee safety, and product freshness. Founded in 2011, their products cater to various industries like restaurants, janitorial services, and healthcare. For each purchase, Elara contributes a meal to combat hunger in the US, inspired by the founder's involvement in hunger relief. Elara emphasizes quality over commodity, focusing on safety and business protection.

Indiana Kitchen

Indiana Kitchen Premium Pork Products provide a unique blend of big company quality control and family business care. Their extensive product range, packaged for freshness, and rapid development cycle ensure top flavor and value for your profit. Their centralized operations, industry-leading food safety, and certifications guarantee reliability. Their logistics, freshness options, and customer-focused service stand out. They also invest in the community, adding value beyond products and profits.

KraftHeinz Foods

With a 150-year legacy, Kraft Heinz is a global food leader known for beloved products. Their vast portfolio comprises a blend of renowned and emerging brands spanning condiments, dairy, meats, beverages, and more. Committed to sustainability, Kraft Heinz crafts innovative products while ensuring people's well-being and environmental health. Merging Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz Co.'s legacies with start-up energy, they offer over 200 iconic brands and drive transformative concepts to the market.

Major Products

Major Products, a family-owned food manufacturer since 1951, embodies connection, collaboration, and experience. The DeRose family's commitment to quality has shaped their product range, including soup bases, stocks, and sauces. Originating in Newark, NJ, they've grown, upgraded facilities, and expanded to places like Little Ferry, NJ, and Las Vegas, NV. Family leadership extends to the present, with Dan DeRose III and Valerie Leimer driving the company's growth and innovation. Committed to food safety and collaboration, Major Products continues its legacy of customer-driven excellence.
Mccormick Logo Full Color Image


McCormick stands as a worldwide flavor leader with a diverse portfolio across 170 countries. Its iconic brands hold significant market shares. As a global flavor giant, McCormick continually expands its offerings to meet evolving consumer tastes. The company's 2022 sales reached $6.35 billion, and it has seen 37 consecutive years of increased dividends. With a versatile flavor range, McCormick products can be used in various applications, including beverages, snacks, dairy, bakery, and more.
Morcon Wtagline Cmyk W

Morcon Inc.

Founded in 1987 by Wayne Morris, Morcon Tissue, an industry-trusted name, evolved from farming to paper converting. In 2013, paper industry executive Joe Raccuia took over, driving a new era of quality and investment. With a Great Falls, SC facility and a mission to be the top US tissue converting company, Morcon is committed to exceeding customer expectations. Its flexible, collaborative approach delivers tailored solutions and its core values of Respect, Responsibility, and Creativity underline their dedication.
Plymouthbeef Logo

Plymouth Beef Co.

Plymouth Beef's history is intertwined with the popularity of ground beef, particularly the iconic hamburger, which gained fame from the late 19th century. Today, they're renowned for their commitment to quality and use of premium ingredients in crafting Hamburger Patties and Bulk Ground Beef. Renowned by chefs, restaurant owners, and food service managers for their pure, flavorful products, Plymouth Beef stands out for their exceptional customer service and passion for delivering top-notch burgers, embodying the Plymouth Beef Difference.
Qualityphillysteaks Finallogo

Quality Philly Steaks

Quality Philly Steaks excels in crafting superior Philly Steak beef and chicken. Comprising seasoned meat professionals, they specialize in raw and fully cooked thin-sliced beef and chicken steak, along with customized, ready-to-eat protein items. Their 50-year legacy is built on innovation, consistency, quality, and top-notch customer service. The iconic Philly cheesesteak's evolution is traced from Pat and Harry Olivieri's hot dog cart in the 1930s to Bill Schultz's calorie-conscious chicken cheesesteaks in the 1980s.
Senorfrijoles Logo

Señor Frijoles

Señor Frijoles, part of R.S. Porter & Co. Inc., has excelled in the bean industry since 1902, boasting three generations of family ownership. With unmatched knowledge and a vast distribution network, they offer the highest quality beans promptly. Their brand is recognized as the most preferred due to flavor, quality, and pricing. Certified Gluten-Free, USDA Number 1 Grade, and Non-GMO, their wide range of products include Cranberry, Pinto, and Black Turtle beans, with a private label option. They're a leading distributor of premium Cranberry, Cannellini, and Chic Pea beans.
Smithfield Logo

Smithfield Foods

Smithfield Foods, with its hometown roots and global presence, strives to provide safe, affordable food while minimizing environmental impact. Their commitment to "Good" underpins their culture, extending from safety and diversity in their workforce to community support. Established in 1936, the company is rooted in Smithfield, Virginia. Responsibility, operational excellence, and innovation drive their pursuits, ensuring respectful treatment of employees and animals while advancing sustainability and operational efficiency. Through fresh ideas, Smithfield aims to sustainably feed the world with good food.
Sfs Logo

Spanish Food Solutions

Spanish Food Solutions, established in 2004, adapts to the evolving food and beverage industry while maintaining customer loyalty. They offer quality food products and exceptional service. CEO Mark Armendariz initiated SFS as a broker representative, catering to retail and military markets. With a team of 12, they extended services to end-users via distributors. A custom CRM integration in 2008 streamlined operations. The company expanded products from Costa Rica, then journeyed to diverse regions for more suppliers. Importing started in 2010, and they continued to innovate, focusing on quality and relationships.

Unicup International

Unicup International ensures customers high-quality cups to drink from for hot and cold beverages. Their cups are eco-friendly and 100% renewable. Unicup offers a variety of cup sizes to suit your needs as well as straws, stirrers, lids, and more. Their continuous growth and expansion have been made possible by warehouse locations in Pennsylvania and New York. They work hard to continually provide customers with quality, reliable products and the best service possible to make sure each order is a success.


Unilever is a global consumer goods company guided by the mission to make sustainable living commonplace. With over 400 brands and 127,000 employees worldwide, Unilever emphasizes ethical business practices. They operate 280 factories, have reduced GHG emissions by 68% since 2015, and work with 52,000 supplier partners. Their approach combines consumer insights, innovation, responsible sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales to create positive impact while delivering superior performance.
Holiday Schedule 2023

General Schedule:

Monday’s orders will be delivered on Tuesday.
Tuesday’s orders will be delivered on Wednesday.
By Thursday, the delivery service is expected to catch up.

Specific Schedule by Area:

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  • New Jersey

Wednesday & Thursday:

  • LONG ISLAND (Past Queens Area)


  • UPSTATE NY (Past Yonkers)
  • UPSTATE STOPS: Poughkeepsie, Roscoe, Liberty, Newburgh, Middletown

Wednesday & Friday:


Important Note:

If an order is placed for a day when it should not be shipped, it will be rescheduled accordingly.

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