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Elevate Your Menu for National French Fry Day with Cavendish Fries

Victory July Article

July isn’t just about fireworks and summer heat—it’s also the perfect time to enhance your menu with one of America’s favorite side dishes: french fries! As we gear up to celebrate National French Fry Day this July 12th, Victory Foodservice, along with our trusted partner Cavendish, invites you to delight your customers with a variety of irresistible fries and special promotions.

National French Fry Day on July 12th is a celebration of crispy, golden perfection that has graced plates and menus around the world. It’s a day to revel in the crunch, the fluffy interior, and the endless dipping possibilities of french fries.

Cavendish, renowned for its commitment to quality and taste, offers a diverse range of fries that cater to every preference. From the seasoned goodness of waffle fries to the classic crispiness of shoestring fries, Cavendish has mastered the art of crafting fries that delight customers and elevate any meal. From now until July 19th, enjoy a special $0.50 off per case discount on selected items:

Item No. 450195 – Seasoned Waffle Fries (6/4 lb.)

Item No. 450205 – 3/8 French Fries Clear Coat (6/4.5 lb.)

Item No. 450231 – 3/8 French Fries Seasoned (6/4.5 lb.)

Item No. 450300 – Crispy Coated Shoestring Fries (6/6 lb.)

At Victory Foodservice, we understand the importance of quality ingredients in creating memorable dining experiences. Our partnership with Cavendish ensures that you receive only the best products to meet your customers’ expectations. With over 9,000 items in our extensive product catalog, including fresh foods, frozen delights, specialty ingredients, and more, Victory Foodservice is your trusted partner for all your culinary needs.

Whether you’re planning a special promotion, updating your menu, or simply looking to offer your customers something new and exciting, Victory Foodservice and Cavendish have everything you need to make this National French Fry Day a success. So, mark your calendars, take advantage of these exclusive discounts, and get ready to elevate your menu with the delicious simplicity of french fries this July!





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