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Victory Foodservice’s Winning Menu Applications

Big Game Lunch

For foodservice and restaurant owners gearing up for the Super Bowl, Victory Foodservice offers a vast selection of high-quality products and unwavering customer service. With over 35 years of serving the New York City market and northern New Jersey, Victory is the trusted partner you need to create a winning Super Bowl menu that will leave your customers craving more. 


Our extensive product catalog of over 9,000 items covers everything from fresh and frozen ingredients to specialty items and ethnic products. But what truly sets Victory apart is its commitment to providing restaurant owners with the personalized attention and efficient service needed to succeed.


As you plan your Super Bowl menu, consider incorporating renowned brands like McCormick’s Hot Sauce and Cholula to spice up your menu. These flavorful additions will undoubtedly add a kick to your dishes. We ensure easy access to these popular condiments, allowing you to craft mouth-watering creations that keep your customers coming back for more. 


For those looking to score big with irresistible wings, we proudly feature Wing-Dings wings. These high-quality wings are the perfect game day menu item. Whether you choose to serve them with classic buffalo sauce or experiment with creative flavor combinations using McCormick’s and Cholula, Victory has the products to make your wings stand out as the MVP of the menu.


No Super Bowl spread is complete without an array of delicious sauces and dressings. We offer a selection of Kraft’s assorted BBQ sauces, ensuring that your customers can enjoy a variety of flavor profiles to complement their favorite game day dishes. From tangy and sweet to smoky and savory, these versatile sauces allow you to customize your offerings to cater to diverse preferences, providing a winning experience for every customer.


We understand the importance of affordable excellence in the restaurant industry. That’s why our exclusive brands guarantee not only top-notch quality but also cost-effectiveness across a range of products. From premium fresh-cut meats to kitchen essentials like cleaning supplies, our exclusive brands are synonymous with reliability and affordability, allowing you to maximize profitability without compromising on quality.


For Super Bowl success, make Victory Foodservice your go-to partner. Elevate your menu with McCormick’s, Cholula, Wing-Dings, and Kraft, and rest assured that Victory Foodservice will provide the products and support you need to deliver a memorable dining experience for your customers.






Holiday Schedule 2023

General Schedule:

Monday’s orders will be delivered on Tuesday.
Tuesday’s orders will be delivered on Wednesday.
By Thursday, the delivery service is expected to catch up.

Specific Schedule by Area:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday:

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Yonkers
  • New Jersey

Wednesday & Thursday:

  • LONG ISLAND (Past Queens Area)


  • UPSTATE NY (Past Yonkers)
  • UPSTATE STOPS: Poughkeepsie, Roscoe, Liberty, Newburgh, Middletown

Wednesday & Friday:


Important Note:

If an order is placed for a day when it should not be shipped, it will be rescheduled accordingly.

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